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Ros Italia Interiors takes unique pleasure in sourcing and studying the materials that dialogue amongst each other to give life to the creation and design of exclusive made-to-measure interiors.

Like fine couture, the furniture and upholstery of Ros Italia Interiors are destined to be “art that lives in time”. Elegant pieces of your décor realised according to ancient craftsmanship.

Wood, the most noble of materials, is knowingly selected to then take shape under the skilful hands of our artisans.

Artistic excellence is recognisable through the exquisite intarsio technique, with its individually stained woods, expert application of silver- or gold-leaf, and final polishing which confers a palpable beauty.

The talented hands of our upholsterers knowingly impart contours and silhouettes to armchairs, sofas, beds and chairs. Their care and detail are our distinctive signature.