Ros Italia Interiors designs and creates living spaces

Ros Italia Interiors starts from the fundamental premise: when there are people in an environment, life, culture, well-being are created.

The Classic Collection is designed for those who appreciate timeless elegance. Ros Italia Interiors offers a luxurious and refined style, a journey into the past.
Sofas, tables, doors and portals, bathrooms but also office furniture are designed as versatile furnishings, able to adapt to different environments, giving uniqueness to spaces.

The Contemporary Collection is the perfect balance of classic and modern elements. Its refined lines and the use of fine materials give it a traditional touch, but at the same time it blends perfectly into modern environments. By keeping a watchful eye on the trends of the present, the elegance of the past is preserved, thus creating a totally personal style.

The Lighting Collection includes table lamps, wall lamps and chandeliers that give the room the right atmosphere. Our proposal includes distinctive and characterful furniture elements that are not only functional but also the result of careful design.

We make everything that makes your home unique, from curtains to carpets, to vases, real art objects to display in your home to give it colour and uniqueness. You will find in this section everything that can personalise your environments.

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